CQI trains and certifies experienced professionals to teach both the common language used for coffee evaluation and post-harvest processing techniques. The CQI Educator network includes Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Lecturers who specialize in teaching robusta and arabica coffee quality evaluation and post-harvest processing education.

CQI Instructors

CQI Instructors teach our certificate-level courses, and steward our Assistant Instructors. This process is intense and time consuming, and the CQI Instructors are experienced when they begin their work.

Quality evaluation Assistant Instructors are on the path to becoming CQI Instructors and are authorized to teach all classes and certain courses. The Assistant Instructor Course is offered once per year with approximately 15 to 20 applicants accepted each year. Complete Candidate Application Package review takes place in the 3rd Quarter of the current year with interviews and acceptance emails being sent in the mid-4thQuarter for candidate enrollment in the 1st Quarter of the following year. Only Complete Candidate Application Packages are reviewed.

Those interested in becoming a Post-Harvest Processing Instructor must have experience in post-harvest processing. The experience, knowledge, and requirements depend on the level one aspires to teach. Note that to be eligible to teach Q Processing Level 2, one must have had significant hands-on coffee processing experience through multiple harvests.

The general steps to become a processing instructor are:

  1. Send CQI an email with your intention to apply, along with your resume (CV) and 3 (three) letters of recommendation, specifically speaking to your ability to teach and your processing knowledge.
  2. Obtain official CQI acceptance and approval to enter the PHP Instructor track for a specific level.
  3. Learn the Course as an Observer under the mentorship of another PHP instructor.
  4. Teach Part of the Course as an Assistant Instructor while being evaluated by an approved PHP Instructor.
  5. Teach the whole course as a Lead Instructor while being evaluated by an approved PHP Evaluator.

With approval each step of the way, candidates are eligible to join the ranks of Instructors.

Please email for more information on this process.

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CQI Lecturers

Our Lecturer program includes trained educators who have a wealth of subject matter expertise who are already working in their communities to help improve coffee quality and the livelihood of coffee producers.

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