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Learning Online Together - Uganda and the United Kingdom

November 18, 2022

CQI delivered the first class in the "Learning Online Together" (LOT) program in Uganda last month.

LOT is a program designed by CQI and implemented in 2022 to bring online training direct to producers – at no cost to the participants. By offering education online, CQI can connect global experts with those who might not have the access to face-to-face education.

The topic and education focus for 2022 was quality improvements through post-harvest processing techniques. Six roaster and producer partner pairs with existing business relationships were selected to receive education based on CQI’s “Introduction to Post-Harvest Processing" class. 

We have gathered some feedback from participants in one of the classes, taught by CQI Q Processing Level 1 Instructor, Ermanno Perotti, to producing partner Agri Evolve Ltd in Uganda and roasting partner Machina Coffee in the United Kingdom.

Martin Rowland, producer at Agri Evolve/Rwenzori Coffee Co shared the following statement:

Ermanno was an excellent presenter, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shared with us in an interesting and effective way. He was sensitive to the needs of the participants and the farmers and staff members in our group all found the course instructive and very useful. It was again a reminder of how complex and fascinating the world of coffee is! …..I think the course was a great success. It was very useful to be able to learn more about production techniques together with the people who are using the product at the other end of the supply chain.”

Dan Todd from Machina Coffee and his team shared their thoughts on the class as well:

"A big thanks to CQI and Ermanno for running the post-harvest processing introduction. What a brilliant opportunity to engage across borders. Thecourse provided valuable information, a common vocabulary and most importantly, strengthened relationships between roasters and producers. I have only just recently been able to travel to origin and I can't help but think about how useful this course would have been before going. A great introduction to the complex art of post-harvest processing."
"Pretty awesome - the opportunity to have conversations between green coffee graders, producers and roasters was incredibly engaging. The course was well balanced and although it was only an introduction it was a rich source of information. Clarity on how coffee is processed is useful when discussing purchasing from importers, knowing that you're all talking about the same thing is tremendously comforting."

Perotti, the instructor for this class, stated -

I believe this is one of the very goals of CQI, being able to connect different actors in the value chain, sharing with them knowledge but most of all sharing valuable experiences, creating so crucial relationships bounds for the successful business of everyone. Having a coffee roasting company from UK, as well as producers and farmers from Uganda, used to sell their coffee to the mentioned roasting company, attending the class was the real value. There has been a lot of exchange of information, but most of all of visions and expectations from both side of the industry. Great experience. I hope CQI will push more and more this online learning experiences."

CQI is excited to continue this program in 2023. Stay tuned for future updates on what is to come!

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To support more programs such as these in the future - please visit our Global Fund page for more information on how to get involved!